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Soft Skills

Each power-packed, original lesson offered by Success Training Institute is delivered in high-quality video segments of 8 Minutes or Less. Imagine transforming your life, business, and/or career in less than 8 minutes per day!  This online training program is a great supplement to your network marketing business. Grow people, build relationships, and boost profits.


Take soft skills training for personal development,  supplement your college education, build relationships, and grow your network marketing business.  Soft skills can help you improve your external and internal communication skills. Enroll today to gain access to a vast library of soft skills lessons and within 8 weeks you can achieve your first certification.

Learn & Earn

What could be better than earning extra cash while you help yourself and others grow personally and professionally? You now have the opportunity to provide certified soft skills training to friends, family, and people in your network marketing business to help them improve their people skills.   You’ll earn a residual commission for the life of their subscription.

Network Marketing Professionals Depend on Soft Skills To Grow Their Business

The perfect gift for;

  • Personal Development
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Boosting Your Career
  • College Graduates

Improve Your Life

The extraordinary life you want is just around the corner, you simply need a little more guidance, clarity, and focus to achieve it. Soft skills is the map you need to navigate to the life you desire.

Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Learn and implement the proper strategies to beat the competition. Get the insight, skills, and tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Supplement Your Residual Income

The perfect gift — give a gift that keeps on giving, STI Soft Skills Certification Training. Soft skills training is a stellar supplement to your personal development, improving your people skills, and you can learn while you earn with STI affiliate program.

Take the next step towards achieving more!

Would you like to enjoy more time, money, and take control of your life and business? With your certified soft skills training, you will be in the driver’s seat.  10,000+ current subscribers can’t be wrong. Join today, start learning and earning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you become a certified ICAM affiliate, you’re will be eligible to sell to corporate accounts. Any leads your forward to our corporate sales team, if the deal closes, you receive a ten percent commission.

Each time you sell a training membership through your personalized portal and those customers complete the application then are approved to become an Affiliates, those individuals automatically become a part of your sales team. If they refer someone who buys a training membership, they receive commissions and so do you.

No. As long as you’re an Affiliate (Entry Level or Executive Level) you will be paid commissions each time the customers you referred renew their memberships.

We pay up to 50% on each sale, commissions are paid as follows:
You will receive 20% on personal referrals (level 1)
10% commission from affiliates on level 2
20% commission from affiliates on level 3

Stay Empowered!

Stay Empowered!

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