Are the Programs Offered by Success Training Institute Accredited?

Accreditation is reserved for organizational programs seeking and or receiving federal funding and or for programs offering hard skills. Success Training Institute is exempt from accreditation requirements because like all other soft skills training providers, its platforms are career focused and avocational. This allows our company the freedom and flexibility to offer programs that adequately suit the needs of its students. There are no federal or state requirements for soft skills training programs to be accredited.

Why Are Soft Skills So Important?

Unlike technical skills such as developing software, performing accounting calculations and writing a research paper, soft skills are not commonly taught in school and the lack of soft skills may hinder one’s ability to secure employment

What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are simply the interpersonal qualities that impact your dealings with others. This includes but is not limited to: how you lead people, build teams, handle adversity and solve problems; making soft skills the most sought after skills set on the planet.

Will I Have Access to Sales Tools and Other Resources?

All the resources on the company websites are available for you to share on your social media pages. This includes, courses catalogs, Podcasts, Sample Training Classes and more.

However, your best sales tool is your positive experience with our training services. As you grow personally and professionally from taking the training classes, it will be much easier for you to convince others to do the same.

Can I Upgrade to an Executive Level Affiliate at Any Time?

Yes. However, the discounts for personal purchases and commission percentages from sales are NOT retroactive. Therefore, it may be best to begin as an Executive Affiliate to receive the maximum savings AND the maximum commissions and overrides.

I Have No Sales Experience. Can I still become an Affiliate?

Of Course. Affiliates simply tell friends and family about their online training experience with Success Training Institute and encourage them to give it a try. Plus, the soft skills and professional development programs we offer are designed to give you the tools you need to make presentations to almost any audience.

Is There Any Training Provided?

Absolutely. All Affiliates will receive initial training via video and Podcasts. Executive Level Affiliates will receive access to ongoing training and access to exclusive training programs designed to increase their productivity and proficiency in marketing our services.