Will I Receive a Letter of Recommendation if I Perform Well?

Absolutely! Upon successful completion of your internship we will provide you with a recommendation letter upon request. Additionally, you can list Success Training Institute as a professional reference on your resume. Also, by taking the soft skills training courses and earning certifications in the same, you will become even more marketable to prospective employers.

How Do I Refer my Friends Who Want to Become Interns?

This opportunity becomes even more fun when those in your circle are accepted in the program. When referring your friends, simply have them go to the website, complete the online application and enter your name in the “Reference Section”. In addition, you receive perks for each person you refer that successfully completes our program.

Will I Be Paid?

Of course. Interns are paid commissions on every sale they make and referral bonuses each time business leads result in sales for the company. Best of all there, is no limit on how much you can make.

What Skills Will I Acquire?

As an intern you will acquire the skills that translate to success in the business world. Leadership, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Problem Solving are just a few. In addition, you earn soft skills certifications that will make your resume look even better.

To Whom Will I Report?

All interns are assigned to a Regional Director. In many cases this will be the same person that recruited you into our program. Once accepted as an intern with us, you will receive correspondence from your Regional Director or his/her assistant.

How Long Does the Internship Last?

Once accepted into the program, the internship commitment ranges from 12 weeks to 24 weeks depending on your goals, schedule and other factors. In the interview phase of the acceptance process, your specific time commitment can be discussed.

Are There Advancement Opportunities?

YES! All interns that exceed expectations and display exceptional talent, character and work ethic will be considered for opportunities to advance within our company. There are many positions from which to choose including but not limited to: Independent Associate, Assistant Director and Regional Director. You are welcomed to apply upon successful completion of your internship.

Is There Any Travel Involved?

One of the greatest aspects of our Virtual Internship Program is the schedule flexibility. Most interns sell our programs to their friends and family and make presentations on their normal trips back home. Others, leverage their social media accounts to spread the word and generate interest. You get to work at your own pace and have the freedom to travel only when necessary. It is also acceptable to make presentations via video conferencing; especially when that method is most convenient for your client.

How Many Hours per Week Will I Work?

Interning with Success Training Institute will hone your time management skills. You’ll work at your own pace, set your own schedule and learn how to meet and exceed goals in an efficient manner to make the most of the time you have available. We are more interested in the productivity of your time than the number of hours you work.